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What is the point of learning a language if you don’t speak it?

Get comfortable with spoken French

I coach anglophones through French conversation sessions to help them gain confidence. Regardless of your current level, your accent, your mental blocks : if you could learn English, you can learn French. As a coach, my job will be to stimulate you while following your rhythm. Progressively you will gain confidence and expand your vocabulary. It will be much more intuitive than in academic courses.

Learn French the way you learned English

From my own experience, I realized the panic and shame that some of us might feel when we had to speak French.
I’m here to help you avoid focusing on your shortcomings and really improve.

My methodology is to teach through immersion in the target language, as children do with their mother tongue – don’t worry, you won’t need three years to become autonomous in French.
My goal is for you to become capable to improvise calmly in the language and hold conversations. Okay?

Who should attend these sessions ?

These conversation sessions are for everyone.
Our aim here is to make learning English intuitive, interactive and enjoyable.
Thus the conversation sessions do not target any certification, unlike “French as a foreign language” (FLE), which I will talk about later.

But of course, they are a real asset for your personal or professional enrichment and can complement structured courses ;
the aim of these informal conversations is not to follow a precise framework except if you need to prepare for an exam.
In this case, we will use grammar and vocabulary exercises and sample oral and written tests, depending on the level to be achieved.

I may help children and teenagers too, and, we will follow the program, but not the usual methods : the spoken French will be as important as the written language.

The course of an online French conversation session
accept that you do not master the language

It is not about translating your ideas, but to think directly in French
assert yourself

You speak as you can with your words. My job is to help you improvise, so that you learn vocabulary naturally.
If you can’t express yourself at all, I will speak, using simple words to stimulate your listening and this will enable you to learn how to communicate better.

We can start by getting to know each other by talking about ourselves, our background and our motivations. Then we will choose topics of conversation together based on texts, newspaper articles or videos. This will be the basis for acquiring new vocabulary and I will help you understand and correct your mistakes.
Then, step by step, your expression will become natural and fluent.

Read testimonials people I have helped

« Raphaële a enseigné l’anglais à ma fille avec une approche ludique bien appréciée ! Merci Raphaële » Valérie, juin 2020

« A big thank you for Raphaële for helping me improving my French in a very efficient way. She always gave me clear and precise explanations that helped me to enhance my level of the language, being grammar, sentence constructions and expressing myself in general. Most of all I would like to emphasize that Raphaële takes time in explaining the complexity of the French language. Since I have been practising my French with Raphaële I got a lot of comments from my French speaking network and this has also helped me professionally with my communication within the French market. Raphaële goes above and beyond to ensure your progress and I am extremely grateful for that. » Eva, avril 2020

« Raphaële is a fantastic and excellent French teacher. As a current student of Raphaële, I would like to enthusiastically recommend her to anyone who is seeking to learn French or improve their French at any level. She has a wealth of knowledge as well as a genuine interest in the progression of her students. I have had multiple private French lessons with her. She was very patient with my busy and ever changing work schedule. Her lessons are enjoyable and fun. She managed to enhance my French language knowledge in an extremely short period, thanks to her innovative and creative way of teaching. I feel honoured to have had her as my Professor and highly recommend the services of Raphaële who has remarkable coaching skills.  » Raman, mai 2020

Why do I propose online sessions ?

  • because I started during the lockdown
  • it’s easy to have our sessions from anywhere for everybody
  • I can help learners from all over the world to practice French or English
  • it’s possible to have one on one or group sessions

Tariffs and conditions

Each session takes place via video conference and lasts 1 hour.
I offer single sessions for getting to know each other or proposing a style of working
I offer a pack of 5 sessions at very competitive prices
and a pack of 10 sessions at very competitive prices
Group sessions are also possible from 2 to 6 students at a competitive per person cost.

Sessions are always paid for in advance.

For students from Asia, Africa and Southern American countries, please contact me, the price of the classes will be set according to the average cost in your country.


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