I’m Raphaële Amazan

For years, I taught English to adults, children and teenagers. While I helped the younger students get better marks in school, neither they nor the adults I taught felt comfortable speaking English. I believe that if you learn a language, it is imperative to be able to communicate with others.

From the beginning of the pandemic, I volunteered to help people in their English and French learning. I did it because I knew many had no income.

I found that learners progressed much faster by simply talking.

I am an English-French facilitator coach, passionate about my fellow human beings, good at communication, always ready to take on new challenges.

I particularly enjoy conversational classes.

I help you express yourself better on a personal or a professional level.
We can discuss any topic and also improve your knowledge of academic French.

I also offer to help you prepare for the TEF Canada, DELF and DALF A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

I’m eager to help you!

See you soon on Google Meet…

A Short Biography

I was born in Vannes, in the South of Brittany and grew up there, protected and pampered by my grandparents. My grandma had a firm temper but she was as loving and generous as any grandchild could wish for.

My grandfather was a very good and simple man. He was extremely cultured because throughout his life he had read a lot. I admired him since he was a self-made man. When he was seven, he spoke only Breton and learned French at school, without the help of his illiterate parents. He was a good student who wanted to become a teacher. But, unfortunately, as his family was poor, he began to work when he was twelve, as a ship’s boy on a fishing boat. When he was 29, he embarked for Terre-Neuve, not far from the Canadian coast to do the “Great cod Fishing”. It was a physically tiring job, working for hours in the cold and wet. Finally, my grandma, who was ambitious, said to him “come on Manu, you’re not going to spend your life working like a slave! You must go back to school, pass exams and become a captain of the Merchant Navy. He nodded because he liked learning and did not want to make a fuss.

A new horizon was opening up. He coasted the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean around Africa, discovering different countries and cultures. He even rescued a Portuguese crew adrift. During the Second World War, he was navigating between the missiles of the German submarines.

Years later he retired from the Merchant Navy and became captain of a tourist boat in the Gulf of Morbihan, in Brittany, then a yachtsman, just for his own pleasure and that of his family. I have never forgotten the boat rides, the picnics and the walks in the islands of the Gulf of Morbihan.

I left my grandparents when I was in high school. I lived in the Northern suburb of Paris with my parents. I don’t have many memories of high school in the Ile de France, Paris area.

I met my best friend when I was studying English at the Sorbonne university, in Paris. It was challenging and I fell in love with English! We were working hard but that didn’t stop us from strolling around Paris and drinking coffee on the terraces.

After my studies, I did various jobs before teaching. I worked in tourism, airline security, duty free sales and then I started to give English lessons to help my friends and because I like to explain, transmit my knowledge and I am a patient person and enjoy listening. And now I am here, available for English and French classes.

I hope you enjoyed reading my background. See you soon 🙂